Juneau Adventist Christian School

Journey to Excellence


The role of the parent is an important part of the success of Juneau Adventist Christian School. Although our staff is highly qualified, your assistance and feedback are welcome.  If you choose to make JAS your school of choice, please ask Cynthia how you help. Parents are needed to assist with field trips, special events, home and school events and special programs. Consider volunteering your time to teach a workshop, grade papers, or help at recess.

Campus Visits: You are welcome on campus any time, but we do ask that you coordinate your visit with school administration before your visit. Please note, for the safety of the students, any adult that works with our students are subject to a background screening. You can learn more about that process in the sidebar.

Jupiter: Our school uses JupiterEd for its student information system. Here is where assignments are entered and scored, attendance is tracked as well as student-specific information. It is a one-stop portal for school and home to see how your student is doing. Want to know if an assignment was turned in? Perhaps, you are curious how your student scored on their last spelling test. Log into your parent JupiterEd account and see!


Student Assessment: JAS tests its students three time during the school year using MAP Growth assessments. Periodic testing helps your teacher prepare curriculum tailored to your child. MAP Growth identifies areas of strengths as well as skills where your student may need a bit of extra attention.

Student Registration: To register your student, simply complete and return the form below. Please contact us with any questions you may have!



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